PechaKucha Night Kuching Volume 2

PechaKucha Poster 1D rgb

We’re super excited to help organize Kuching’s first PechaKucha Night of 2016! PechaKucha is a 20 images x 20 seconds presentation format for creatives to talk just about anything! Check out the presentations around the world on PechaKucha’s website: or find out more about it on their FAQ page.

The event will be held at The Granary Kitchen + Bar on Wayang Street, Kuching on 1st April, 8.20pm.

A total of 10 presenters will be talking at the event. If you’re interested to present, please send us an email with the following before 7th March 2016:
1. a brief description of yourself
2. summary of what you would like to talk about
3. You may send us pictures with brief descriptions if you already have them for now.

1. All presentations should strictly follow the PechaKucha format (“20 images x 20 seconds”)
2. All presentations should not include video clips (not only does it break the format, but it also means that the presentation cannot be shared on the global website)

After that, we will get back to you shortly with instructions on what to do next!

Thank you and see you guys!